Unlock Your Business Analyst Potential with ChatGPT: Masterful Prompts for Success!

Myself an experienced business analyst and in this blog we will learn Business analyst inquiry prompts to carry out business analyst role effectively.

Business analyst’s role:

I have been working as a business analyst for the last few years. It took me weeks to weeks to generate (FRD) functional requirement documents, software requirement documents (SRD) and requirement gathering questions. In the try of perfection, I always missed some points which later created a large hassle between company and clients. Like, the client wanted to develop an Android app but he didn’t tell us that he wanted an android version too. Actually he was not very technical savvy. He thought one app would be enough, but later his customers asked him for the app for iOS, so he reverted to us. We told him that it would cost extra to develop the iOS version. He was not ready to accept this fact. So the lesson we learned was, clear each and every point while requirement gathering.

Hats off to technology, AI just created a magic in our lives. Automation is like magic. But after all it’s not a human. AI will work only if we ask him to work. 

For example, we need slashes for a birthday party. We went to a small ship and asked him to provide the same. Although he has that product, he wasn’t aware of the name of the product. He just called it as a ribbon. We asked him to provide a slash, he will get confused and will tell you that he doesn’t have it. So the task ends here unnecessarily. 

What if we asked him like, ” we need a satin type of cloth on which the birthday text is written and that cloth is worn by birthday boy/girl” 

He will immediately understand what the customer wants. 

Same happens with AI. AI has all the answers but unless we ask him right prompts, he will not provide a desired output. 

As a business analyst we have to remember this. We have to provide prompts in detail. We have to input the prompt that includes everything about the project. 

The difference between “bad prompt” and “good prompt”.

Bad prompt

Here i asked, 

Write 5 requirements gathering questions for blog website business.

Chatgpt answered-

1. What is the target audience for your blog website? Are you aiming to attract a specific demographic or cater to a particular niche?

2. What are the key features and functionalities you would like to include in your blog website? Examples could include user registration and login, commenting system, social media integration, search functionality, or multimedia support.

3. What are your content management requirements? How do you plan to create and manage blog posts? Will you need a user-friendly content editor, the ability to schedule posts, or support for multiple authors?

4. Are there any specific design or branding elements you would like to incorporate into your blog website? Do you have a preferred color scheme, logo, or overall visual style that should be reflected in the design?

5. What are your monetization goals for the blog website? Are you planning to generate revenue through advertisements, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or other means? Understanding your monetization strategy will help determine the necessary integrations and features for your website.


Isn’t it generalized answer? Not satisfied with the answer. 

Let’s see a good prompt. 

Consider yourself as an experienced business analyst. Now Write a 5 requirement gathering questions for a client. Project is about blog website development. Client wants to write a finance blog where he can drive traffic and earn money with google ads. He also wants to promote his own products on his website.

Chatgpt answered

As an experienced business analyst, I would ask the following requirement gathering questions for the client’s finance blog website development project:

1. What specific topics or areas within finance does the client intend to cover in their blog? Understanding the targeted content will help tailor the website design, features, and functionalities to attract the right audience.

2. Could you provide more details about the target audience for the finance blog? Are there any specific demographics, such as age range, location, or financial background, that the client wants to reach? This information will assist in creating a user-focused website and implementing effective marketing strategies.

3. How does the client plan to generate traffic to the blog website? Besides Google Ads, are there any other marketing channels or strategies they would like to implement? Understanding the client’s traffic generation plans will influence the website’s search engine optimization (SEO) requirements and content marketing capabilities.

4. What are the client’s expectations for promoting their own products on the website? Are there specific products or services they want to showcase? Do they require e-commerce functionality or integration with a payment gateway? Clarifying these requirements will help determine the necessary features and ensure smooth product promotion.

5. Could the client provide any specific preferences or ideas for website monetization through Google Ads? Are there any particular ad placements or strategies they have in mind? Gathering this information will enable the integration of Google Ads effectively, maximizing revenue generation while maintaining a good user experience.

By asking these questions, I can gather the necessary information to develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements and create a tailored solution that aligns with their goals for the finance blog website.

Isn’t it cool !

So the good prompt should cover:

  1. Role
  2. Niche
  3. Specific requirement
  4. Intended user
  5. Specific goal

Now here are some best chatgpt prompt for a business analyst.

1. Can you provide an analysis of customer satisfaction trends for a leading e-commerce platform in the past year? My client is particularly interested in customer ratings, feedback, and any notable changes in satisfaction levels over different periods.

2. Please conduct a competitive analysis of the top three ride-sharing companies operating in a specific city. My client wants detailed information on their market share, pricing strategies, driver incentives, and user reviews.

3. What are the current trends in the luxury fashion industry, specifically regarding sustainable and ethical practices? My client aims to understand consumer preferences, emerging brands, certifications, and notable initiatives that promote sustainability.

4. Could you provide an overview of the key cybersecurity threats faced by financial institutions in the past six months? My client is specifically interested in data breaches, ransomware attacks, and any industry-specific vulnerabilities that have emerged.

5. Please conduct a feasibility study for implementing a blockchain-based supply chain solution in the pharmaceutical industry. My client wants a detailed analysis of potential benefits, challenges, regulatory considerations, and case studies of successful implementations.

6. What are the emerging trends in the food delivery market, specifically related to ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants? My client is interested in understanding the business models, success factors, and technological platforms driving this segment.

7. Could you perform a financial analysis of a renewable energy company, focusing on their revenue growth, profitability margins, and return on investment? My client wants to assess their financial health and growth potential.

8. Please provide a market research report on the global electric vehicle industry, including sales figures, market share of major manufacturers, charging infrastructure development, and government incentives driving adoption.

9. What are the emerging trends in remote work and collaboration tools in the post-pandemic era? My client wants to understand the latest innovations, productivity tools, and best practices for remote team management.

10. Could you conduct a user experience analysis of a mobile banking application, including a comprehensive evaluation of its usability, interface design, and customer feedback? My client aims to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall user experience.

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