Instant Cinema: 😱😱😱Crafting Movie Magic with ChatGPT Scripts

Write a screenplay with the help of chatgpt. In this blog you will learn a magic of ai tool to generate a movie script within few seconds.

We will start directly with the example.

Here is the prompt you should enter in chatgpt for a movie/screenplay writing.

Write a screenplay for a short movie with a following details.

Genre: sci-fi movie
jenny- software developer: 30 years old, passionate, working in a software company.
Ron: hacker : evil minded, working in dark room, 35 years old.
Rosa: Jenny’s mom : lovely nature, protective towards daughters, housewife.
Peter: Jenny’s father: humorous, shop owner
Lisa: Jenny’s sister, free nature.


Ron wanted to rule a world, so his plan was to hack the world’s biggest software by xyz company and demand a money in return of all code and data.
Jenny is a team member working on the same project in xyz company.
Lisa accidentally met Ron, fall in love with him, chased him.
Ron got to know that she is Jenny’s sister. He took an advantage of this.
Ron hack the software and also kidnap the Lisa. Demands few million dollars in return of Lisa and software.
Jenny plan something extra ordinary and receive both her sister and software credentials.

Write this in 5 scenes. Include dialogues.  You can use more characters, backgrounds and work culture.

Here is the output.

Title: Binary Betrayal

Genre: Sci-Fi Movie


Jenny: Software Developer, 30 years old, passionate, working in a software company.

Ron: Hacker, evil-minded, working in a dark room, 35 years old.

Rosa: Jenny’s mom, lovely nature, protective towards daughters, housewife.

Peter: Jenny’s father, humorous, shop owner.

Lisa: Jenny’s sister, free-spirited nature.

Scene 1: The Office


Jenny sits at her desk, typing code on her computer. Colleagues are bustling around, focused on their work. Jenny’s phone buzzes, and she receives a mysterious message from an unknown sender.

Who could this be?

Jenny opens the message, and it contains a threatening note from Ron, the hacker.

(via phone)
Jenny, I have your sister Lisa. If you don’t follow my instructions, she’ll pay the price.

Jenny’s face turns pale, and she starts to panic.

Scene 2: Jenny's Concern


Jenny rushes into her apartment and finds Rosa, her mother, waiting anxiously.

What happened, Jenny? You look terrified.

Ron has Lisa. He wants something from me, or else…

Jenny explains the situation to Rosa, who holds her daughter close.

We won’t let anything happen to Lisa. We’ll figure out a plan together.

Scene 3: The Dark Encounter


Ron, seated in a dimly lit room, monitors the progress of his hack. Suddenly, Lisa appears in the doorway, curiosity in her eyes.

Who are you? What are you doing?

Ah, Lisa. So good to see you. I have a proposition for you.

Scene 4: The Ultimate Scheme


Jenny and her team gather, discussing their plan to counter Ron’s demands.

We need to think outside the box. Ron expects us to play by his rules. Let’s surprise him.

They brainstorm, designing a trap that exploits Ron’s overconfidence.

Scene 5: Redemption


Jenny, armed with her team’s innovative plan, infiltrates Ron’s lair. She confronts him, revealing her strategy.

Ron, you thought you could manipulate me. But now, the tables have turned.

You’re just a software developer. What can you possibly do?

Jenny activates her team’s hidden program, causing Ron’s hacking operation to implode.

I’m not just a software developer. I’m the one who will save my sister and protect what’s mine.

Amid the chaos, Lisa is freed, and Jenny secures the software credentials. Ron is apprehended by the authorities, and the world is safe once again.


So this was my personal prompt. Now read-

What chatgpt wants us to enter in a prompt.

ChatGPT can be a valuable tool in assisting with movie story and screenplay writing. By providing prompts, you can leverage ChatGPT’s creativity and language generation abilities to receive suggestions, ideas, and dialogue for your screenplay. Here is a list of prompts you can use to get the best answers from ChatGPT:

  1. “Write a screenplay for a [genre] movie with the following characters and storyline.”
  2. “Develop a compelling opening scene for a [genre] movie.”
  3. “Create an intense dialogue between two characters in a [genre] movie.”
  4. “Write a suspenseful climax for a [genre] movie.”
  5. “Craft an emotional confrontation between two characters in a [genre] movie.”
  6. “Generate witty banter between two characters in a [genre] movie.”
  7. “Devise a plot twist for a [genre] movie that surprises the audience.”
  8. “Create a memorable monologue for a [genre] movie.”
  9. “Write a heartwarming scene between a parent and child in a [genre] movie.”
  10. “Develop an action-packed sequence for a [genre] movie.”

Remember to provide specific details about the genre, characters, and storyline to help ChatGPT generate more accurate and tailored responses. Additionally, feel free to experiment with different prompts and iterate on the generated content to shape it according to your vision for the screenplay.

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